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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ghostshelf exposed.

You might have spotted this gem on Hank's so-called hot list.

$24.95 for a bookshelf you can't see. Sounds right up the street of most magicians, and it is as typically over priced as most things magicians waste their money on.

The sales pitch goes on and on about what it isn't...

GhostShelf is an all-new, innovative way to store your magic media.
Using the GhostShelf gimmick, you will be able to have your magic books or DVDs mysteriously suspended on the wall without any visible means of support. Not a magic trick, but rather a diabolical way to show off your magic.

Can you figure it out? If you cannot, don't worry. You are not the only one.

Here are a few more hints for you to keep in mind:

* No, it does not use glue.
* No, it does not use magnets.
* No, it does not hang on thread.
* No, it does not use electricity.
* No, we do not give you a gimmicked book.
* No, there are no 'blind-spots'
* No, the pictures aren't stooged.
* No, you cannot sit or stand on it.
* Yes, you can put a small goldfish bowl on it.
* Yes, it will last a lifetime.
* Yes, every book is your book
* Yes, you can use any books
* Yes, it is silent.
* Yes, it is very easy to install.
* Yes, it will dock on a glass wall.
* Yes, it works in any type of weather.

And, yes, it makes an incredible holiday gift for that special magician on your list! So, get two!

Wow.. whatever could it be? Maybe it's this 'concealed shelf' which is available from many 'non-magic' outlets and because its been sold to lay people it's half the price...

Metal bracket, $12.99, magicians price $24.95

You just got to love how Hank fucks magicians hard in the ass over and over again. But then he is a magic dealer - that's his job!



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